Hello Universe!

Welcome to my blog! You may have heard of me before…

I’m the second largest moon in our Solar System (after Jupiter’s moon Ganymede) and Saturn’s largest moon. I’m even bigger than Earth’s moon and the planet Mercury. My surface temperature is so low (94 K/-180°C/-290°F) that water exists as a solid on my surface! Earth and I have many things in common. We have rivers, lakes, seas, and rocks. I even have a dense atmosphere, seasons, wind, and rain. But my rain, rivers, lakes, and seas are not made of water; they are made of methane! However, my rocks are made of… water ice!

I have many secrets waiting to be discovered and I want to share them with you!

The goal of this blog is to supplement my Facebook and Twitter pages with the latest information from Cassini‘s flybys. I’ll tell you all the details of these flybys as well as the latest images. And of course, I’ll add some fun here and there. ;)

“Hazy Orange Orb” Natural color view of Titan taken by the Cassini spacecraft on January 30, 2012.

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