Make Your Own Titan Globe

Titan globe

Want to make your own, personal globe of me? (It’s a great conversation piece.)
Well, here’s everything you’ll need to make one! :)


  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • 2 Sheets of stiff paper
    (the example above was made with photo paper)
  • 2 Images:
North Polar Petal Map
North Polar Petal Map
South Polar Petal Map
South Polar Petal Map

These maps were made by member JRehling on Unmanned Be sure to check out JRehling’s posts. They explain how the maps were made and what the maps’ colors mean. Very awesome work!


Let’s get started! First, print out the North & South Polar Petal Maps above. Then, cut out along the inner lines on each map, forming 12 rectangular petals as in the example below:

North Polar Petal Map cut out (example)
North Polar Petal Map cut out (example)

Once you have cut out both maps, take one map and tape the petals together so each petal touches the adjacent petals. Repeat this for the other map. Now you should have two domes. Congratulations, you have just created my Northern and Southern hemispheres! Finally, align each dome with the correct region along my equator and then tape them together to form a globe.

So there you go. I hope my directions are clear! If they aren’t, feel free to ask questions below, or on my Facebook or Twitter. :)

Want to know more about the names of my surface features as shown on these maps? Check out Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature | Target: TITAN.


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