Saturn imaged yesterday!

This is a true color view of Saturn, snapped by the Cassini spacecraft and processed by Val Klavans. It shows Saturn casting a shadow on its rings. To the lower right, shadows of the rings are cast upon the planet.

This composite is made of images that were taken by Cassini’s camera system, the Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS) on March 27, 2016 and received on Earth March 28, 2016. The camera was pointing toward Saturn, and the images were taken using the red, green, and blue filters.

To see more of the latest images from Cassini, check out this link.

saturn m 27 2016
NASA / JPL / SSI / Val Klavans

2 thoughts on “Saturn imaged yesterday!

  1. Your image for March 28 has created some interest on reddit /r/Astronomy at Specifically we are curious what causes the blue fringing on the upper edge of Saturn’s globe and rings. Please see the subreddit’s thread for details. Is it a mismatch between the blue filtered image and the red and green ones, or is it a real scattering effect due to small particles?


  2. someone needs to stand up to the main stream defending dieing ideas. I would like suggest that the hexagon shapes we see in crators, hurricanes and atop saturn is more simple than we realise, magnetism has a centripetal vortex which pulls matter closer together, the tighest formation under pressure results in packing atoms into hexagonal close packing or geometric placements, around a single point, this create hexagons in the geology or atmosphere of the planets with a strong enough magnetic core. All planets have hexagons in their north poles geology as can be seen with the naked eye on all of nasas photos (just look for them). Find a facebook page called electric field lines to see what I mean. Ken wheelers book, ‘uncovering the secrets of magnetism’ explains all we need to figure out what’s going on in all of nature, cosmology and the attempts of particle physics. the mainstream is embarrassed and faulty in all of its conclusions.


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